Google Assistant news feeds are getting smarter

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Google Assistant responds to commands like “What’s the news on” by reading a summary. Three articles from different sources are sent to your phone and the Assistant asks if you’d like it to read them. The sources for the articles appear to be chosen randomly and are not limited to the sources chosen in the Assistant’s settings. If you ask the Assistant to read the articles it reads the headline and the first few sentences. If you want more, you’re told to go to the article that was sent to your phone. The articles appear as cards in the Assistant app.

Google’s Home devices have always been able to give you news summaries, now you can even delve deeper into a specific news story. Ask the Assistant for news on the stories that interest you. The feature is a step in the right direction if Home is to become the outstanding voice-activated news source.

News is one of most used feature people use with virtual assistants. You can ask the Assistant

  • Hey Google, what’s in the news?
  • Hey Google, what’s the latest news?

and it will dutifully cycle through some pre-recorded news briefs from NPR, CNN, CNBC and the like.

Google Assistant can highlight a snippet of a story(specific content based on queries) that will be read aloud when a user makes a request along the lines of “what’s the latest news on NASA?” Assistant will then read that portion aloud.

For news: To listen to news about a topic, say:

  • Hey Google, listen to news about North Korea,
  • Hey Google, play the latest on Joe Biden,
  • Hey Google, hear headlines about the Super Bowl

To adjust or change the playback speed, say:

  • Hey Google, play at 2x speed,
  • Hey Google, play slower/faster,
  • Hey Google, play twice as fast,
  • Hey Google, play at half the speed

The link to the full article is sent to the user’s mobile device and, once done, Google Assistant asks if the user would like to hear another news article.

Stay updated on Google News with the latest updates from Google Home/Assistant ecosystem.

Google Home takes a step toward becoming a better source for News

Home devices are slowly becoming first-rate voice-activated sources for news, with Google continuing to iterate on current feature set. Users could focus on a specific topic and get a survey of news coverage either across sources or within a particular source, and could listen to a full report from a source of their choosing or from an unexpected source that sounds interesting.

And whether you’re at home or on the go, the Assistant is there to help you stay informed. All these features are available on Android phones and will soon be coming to Android Auto and Assistant-enabled headphones. On Smart Displays, the screen is used to find and play relevant YouTube videos, while smart speakers like Google Nest will read excerpts from news articles. These updates are gradually rolling out to devices with the Google Assistant in the U.S, and a global launch in future will be based on user feedback, so hold tight if you don’t see them just yet. Stay tuned for more as news on the Google Assistant community globally grows.

How to play news videos on TV using Google Assistant

Watch the news on any voice-supported TV with Chromecast or Chromecast built-in — using only your voice, YouTube, and a Google Home device.

Google Home already responds to “play the news” or “play [category] news,” which starts playing a relevant news summary or podcast through the speakers. But now, you can say “watch news” to see videos on your TV. Once you finish talking, relevant news videos will start playing on a connected device.

Ask Google Home to play news videos on your TV

Say “Hey Google,” then…

  • Watch general news – “Watch the news,” “Watch the news on my TV,” “What’s the latest video news,” “Play news videos”
  • Watch category news – Categories include sports, politics, business, and more.
  • “Watch technology news,” “Watch business news on my TV,” “Play sports news on my TV”
  • Watch provider news – “Watch CNBC news on my TV”
  • Watch topical news – “Watch news about hurricanes” “Play news about on TV”
  • You can also say “Pause”, “Resume”, “Stop”, “Next”, “Skip this one”, “Previous”, “Skip Back 30 seconds,” “Seek forward 30 seconds”
  • “What’s playing on my TV?”

The following Cast devices can play video news using Google Home,

  • Chromecast
  • TVs with Chromecast built-in.
  • Android TV

Make sure your remote device is set up and on the same Wi-Fi network as Google Home. Available in the U.S for now.

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It’s interesting to watch companies like Google play around with these news reads. It seems no one has quite figured out the ideal length for audible news digests, but it appears to fall somewhere between a headline and full story. Or maybe it’s something more akin to bullet points, with the option to read on if the user wants more information. Short, distilled snippets certainly seem like the way to go. As more people use the service and the AIs become more advanced, it will be easier to tailor that information to specific users.

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  1. Mike Ferguson Be sure that the Google app and the Hme app are the most recent versions. Under Routines, scroll down to Ready-Made. Select “I’m Home”. Select the option to Broadcast. As long as the speakers were all set up with your account associated with each, when you say hey Google I’m home, it should say – Hi , sound a bugle, and the broadcast “Hey there he has arrived”.


  2. So I got a question for everyone… I set up a routine called I’m home and when I do I want it to broadcast that I’m home. However, it tells me sorry I’m unable to broadcast. Do I need to record it somehow two features there but yet not sure how to use it. ??


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