How to make Google Nest speakers quiet at night

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Your Google Nest/Home speakers are a convenient way to set alarms, control your smart lights, and check the weather. During the day, you might listen to music on Nest Audio/Mini, or turn the brightness up on Nest Hub/Max. But If you use these speakers at the dead of night and they scream back to answer, you realize your device is too loud or bright to fall asleep comfortably.

With Night Mode feature, this should be a thing of the past. Make your Google Nest/Home speakers less annoying at night by activating Night Mode automatically that dims LED brightness, and brightness settings on smart displays and turns down volume on speakers during set days and times.

There’s also a Do Not Disturb(DND) mode, which mutes notification sounds from reminders to broadcasts, but keeps alarms and timers on. Here’s how it works:

How to enable Night Mode on Google Home app

  1. Open the Google Home app .
  2. Select your device.
  3. Tap Settings  and then Notifications & digital wellbeing.
  4. Tap Night mode and then Enable night mode.
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Step 2. Schedule Night mode

  1. Under “From,” tap  and then choose the time and then Ok.
  2. Under “To,” tap  and then choose the time and then Ok.
  3. Tap the day(s) of the week you want Night mode on. If the circle is blue, Night mode is on for that day.

How to adjust the LED brightness and maximum volume at night

Do not disturb

When Night mode’s on, you can mute reminders, broadcasts, boot up sounds and other spoken notifications on Google speakers and displays with Do Not Disturb. Timers and alarms will still ring.

To turn on do not disturb, turn the slider on On OR say ‘Hey Google, turn do not disturb on.’

To turn off do not disturb, ‘Hey Google, turn do not disturb off’

LED brightness at night

Most of Nest speakers have LED lights that can be a too bright for some people during sleep.

  • On top of your speaker or display, to dim the lights, drag the slider to left and to brighten the lights, drag the slider to right.

Maximum volume at night

  • At night, to lower the maximum volume of Assistant, drag the slider to left and to raise volume drag to the right.

You’ll see and hear the selected volume on the Google Nest speakers as you change it in real time.

Dark theme for Nest displays

Dark theme keeps your Nest display interface dark at night. Use your display and interact with Google Assistant with only the minimal level of screen brightness needed for the desired activity.

Set up Dark theme

Sometimes these smart displays can be a little too bright, especially if you are trying to enjoy a quiet evening or sleeping in the same room. You can set up and adjust dark theme in device settings on your display or in the Google Home app  or through your voice.

On the displayIn the Google Home App
Swipe up from the bottom of screen to expose the quick settings tray.
In the bottom right, tap Settings  and then Display.
Open the Google Home app  and then tap your display and then Settings  and then under “Device features,” tap Display.
  1. Under “Theme,” select the option you prefer. If you want the display to always use
    • Light theme, select Light
    • Dark theme, select Dark.
    • To automatically switch between light and dark themes based on local sunset or sunrise and ambient light levels in the room, select Auto.

Control Dark theme with your voice

  • To turn on, “Hey Google, turn on Dark theme.”
  • To turn off, “Hey Google, turn off Dark theme.”

Screen timeout: Use this option to turn the screen off after five minutes of no activity sensed. It’s a potential alternative to turning off the screen entirely in low-light settings.

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How do you manage your Nest speakers and display at night, let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Nathan Holst, Indeed. If your gadgets/appliances support/work with Google Assistant, and have night mode setting, you should be able to do that.


  2. This feature is so important, If you’ve kids at home. To keep loud volume notifications and other dings silent at night, night mode is of great help. If only all appliances and gadgets could be put to night mode using Google Assistant.


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