More Assistant-triggered visualizations are coming to Chromecast

More Assistant-triggered visualizations are coming to Chromecast

Google Assistant is now expanding the number of visual responses that will be overlaid on a big screen, while making voice Casting more seamless.

Smart Displays are all rage these days, but that doesn’t mean the biggest display in your home isn’t getting in on some of the Google Assistant love as well. Assistant is already able to show you the weather on your connected Chromecast-enabled television, but now you can ask to see sports scores, stocks, and personalized answers via Voice Match with accompanying visual content are also incoming. If you’re watching something on your Chromecast when you ask to see information, Assistant will overlay the info on top of what you’re already viewing.

Per-device casting defaults for Google Home

Finally, when you ask Assistant to stream content on a Chromecast, you no longer have to signify which TV to play it on. If you are speaking to your Google Home that’s assigned to your living room, you don’t have to then append “…on living room TV” at the end. For example, you now can say, “Hey Google, play Stranger Things,” instead of, “Hey Google, play Stranger Things on living room TV.” Much simpler! You’ll be able to set this as your default in the app.

These features will gradually roll out, so don’t worry if you don’t see them just yet.

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7 thoughts on “More Assistant-triggered visualizations are coming to Chromecast

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  1. P Schmied Thanks for the clarification and the tips. I haven’t well differentiated between the Chromecast receivers and the chomecast dongle either.

    I’ll try your tips and see if that helps any. Worse comes to worst I’ll just have to upgrade to some more recent hardware. The dongles are relatively inexpensive.


  2. I wish that article writers understood the difference between Chromecast-able TV receivers (shown above) and “Chromecast”. There have been mixed result reported for the gen 1 Chromecast dongle that vary within and between regions.

    Update your Google app and Home app to the newest versions Do a factory reset of the dongle from Home,. Link it back to your Home network, set the Device Ambient Mode more settings to display time and weather and then try it again.


  3. Do all these visual assistant results on Chromecast TV require a Gen 2 or greater to work?

    I have an original Gen 1 Chromecast and I can’t get the weather results to work on my TV.


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