Google Home takes family fun to a new level with more Disney games

Google has begun rolling out three new Disney-themed family games to Google Home that you can enjoy using voice commands.

If you’re looking for some quality time with the family, Google Home is here to help. Now, you can go on all new adventures with some of your favorite Disney characters. To get started, just say, “Hey Google,”

Play Disney Princess: A princess—you can choose from Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Cinderella (Cinderella), Jasmine (Aladdin) and Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)—will tell you a story or take you on an adventure.

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Play Maui’s Music Game: Help Maui find Moana and navigate an undersea world. Defeat the monsters and get rewarded with magical conch shells that play music from Moana and Maui’s adventure.

Play Toy Story Freeze Dance: you’ll play as one of Andy’s new toys who must follow along with cowgirl Jessie as she teaches you some dance moves.

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For even more family fun, you can still explore new worlds by playing Mickey Mouse Adventure, Belle’s Castle Adventure and Cars Adventure. Plus, you can test your knowledge of The Force with Star Wars Trivia.

If you want to give your kids access to the Assistant on Google Home, you can create an account for kids under 13 through Family Link, and then link their Google Account and voice to Google Home.

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So, all you parents out there, gather the family and get ready to dance with Woody, go on an adventure with a Disney Princess and sing along with Maui and Moana.

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One thought on “Google Home takes family fun to a new level with more Disney games

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  1. Why add new functionally when the fundamental functionality still fails at an unacceptable rate?

    This evening we wanted to switch off our deck light. It is called “deck” and is furthermore in a room called “deck”. We gave the command: “turn deck off”. GH transcribed the command correctly to text. The command failed with the response that we must use device names and it does not know “deck”.

    This is fundamental functional failure. Why would you want to start adding Disney games when we can’t reliably switch off home control items say 99.9% of the time?

    The switching off the deck light used to work just fine. One simply cannot expect the assistant to work from one day to the next.

    Google, you have a very big serious problem here. The assistant is plain and simple unreliable.


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