Google Nest Hub: your Smart Home hub

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Google Home Hub brings you help at a glance for any moment at home. With the Google Assistant built-in, see your life in one view, and get things done hands-free.

Get hands free help from Google Assistant that you can hear and see. Just talk or tap to watch how-to videos on YouTube, video call loved ones, get step-by-step recipe instructions, listen to music, check your calendar, see your Photos and more.

Available in 4 Colors – Sand, Aqua, Chalk and Charcoal

It’s easy to set up, so you can immediately enjoy your favorite entertainment, control your smart home, stay in touch with friends and family, and manage your day with simple voice commands and touch gestures.

Google Nest Hub is available in the US ($149), UK (£139), and Australia ($219).

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3 thoughts on “Google Nest Hub: your Smart Home hub

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  1. My objection is that it is a table mount with another friggin’ USB power adapter. Instead of Google helping bring homes into the future, it’s exacerbating the existing clutter of appliances and rats nest of cables.

    You’d think that at a time when huge TV sets getting thinner and being wall mounted, old style entertainment systems shrinking, the Hub would be packaged so it could wall-mount, not have a FAT-screen shape.

    I’m tired of seeing hock puck and ice cube power adapters hanging out of 6 way power adapters everywhere I look. Those “convenience” outlets are no longer convenient, they’ve got adapters for Minis, cordless phones, laptops cellphone chargers inconveniencing me.

    I HAVE NO horizontal surfaces in the locations where I’d like to use a Hub. Everything is flush mounted or wall hung. I’ll wait until there’s an aftermarket recessed wall cabinet with room for a wired power connect made for them, probably never.

    Minis in rooms with tables and counters are in the way. I’ve got kludgy-aftermarket kits to all mount them, with ugly cords hanging down to the closest convenience outlet, plugged into a 6 way power receptacle adapter to accommodate them. To clean up the mess, each $50 Mini is going to cost twice that that to have a “convenient chest level power receptacle installed for it. Makes me question the value of “wireless”.


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