New Journey Begins


In the beginning, there was Words From Web Worker, then came Techr. Then there was a silence for a long period, with irregular posts here and there. If you’ve been following me, I went all in with Google+ in 2011 and later Google+ Communities in 2012.

Due to several reasons (low adoption rate being the biggest one), Google+ is going to shut down. It will also drag our beloved Google Home/Assistant, Glass by Google and Work Automation Community down. What does Google+ shutdown mean to our community? Now that Google+ is into retiring mode, we’re gonna make Words And Voices(WAV) hub for our attention. Our last redesign, was conceived when responsive web design was forward thinking.

The Internet never stands still and neither do we.

Today, we’re launching new, Words And Voices(WAV) to all of our readers. You’re going to see a 1.0 version of our new site that we’re going to build on over upcoming weeks to deliver what we hope is an experience that aligns perfectly with what we cover as well as how we cover it.

The premise of Words And Voices has always been built around Emerging Tech and seeing things early. If you want to know about the Tech. that will be profiled next year in tech sections of newspapers, or get in the hands of common users 2-3 years down the line, you read Words And Voices(WAV) now.

When we know it, you know it.

We make it our job to wade into the ocean of new ideas, technologies, predictions and trends that make up the worldwide community of Futurists, and absorb as early as we can. We’re the ‘tip of the spear’ in many of these cases, and it’s our job to parse these topics, give you context and have an ongoing conversation with you. Our way is to approach tech topics from a place of healthy skepticism, but genuine optimism as well. Technology is not going to magically stop or disappear. It will only get more powerful and more important. We’re not always perfect or right, but we’re willing to be here, to really understand it and to make an honest attempt to help others in evaluating how to handle the rapidly shifting sands of tech.

When we began designing the new Words And Voices(WAV), the desire to have the site support rapid-fire, stream-of-understanding of topics in a way that could be presented as a conversation supported by context was the original thought. Everything else was designed around that idea.

Just like the software in Tech. that we cover here at WAV, what we’re shipping isn’t perfect. That’s why we’re launching with a MVP version of WAV. We want you to check it out, let us know what you think and test it. This is an alpha, i.e. a beginning.

The new Words And Voices(WAV) is an empty bucket. We’re going to fill it up over time with the things that we need, but mostly with content. We’ve stripped away all of the extra visual crud that tends to wash up onto the shores of a website and stick to it. There’s the main feed, some simple navigation and a couple of side widgets that we can play with.

Stay updated on Discord with all the latest updates from Google Home/Assistant ecosystem.

We’re focused on engaging our readers by sharing scoops, analysis and context and compelling conversations that keep you glued to the site. We have a huge number of monthly readers that visit us because they know that we’re pushing out a regular feed of the things that fascinate us about Emerging tech.

There is more information on the site that helps readers to parse things like  our services and advertising on WAV. The site has gone more than skin deep, capitalizing on bringing everything from other platforms in one site to use it. We’re excited about the potential for innovation that this creates.

It’s a work in progress, just like technology, but we hope you like where it’s going.

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