Google Assistant Won CES

CES is all about attention — and in this noisy world, that’s tougher than ever. One will have a bigger screen, or a prettier booth, or a better celebrity guest. So Google, tried something different, they built a frigging theme park ride. Google stole the show, for those not at the show. Google built an entire theme park ride in the CES 2019. A massive, rhyming, catchy, musical ride for Google Assistant announcements. Watch the video below.

From the pre-ride line experience, to a holding room that uses clever projections to tell a story (Don’t forget the cake for Grandma’s birthday party! Assistant can help!), to the ride itself. At the CES, attendees experienced the ways that the Google Assistant can help on the ride of life. Now, you can too with this 360° video. Buckle up and hop aboard the Google Assistant Ride! This video doesn’t just sum up how to execute well at CES because it ties together Google’s announcements while also being entertaining. The key is how accessible it is.

A simpler smart home

Google introduced a preview of Google Assistant Connect, a platform for device manufacturers to bring the Google Assistant into their products in an affordable and easy-to-implement way. Connect uses existing smart home platform to expand to new device types while making device setup and discovery simple for people.

Assistant Connect creates opportunities to bring different types of smart devices to the market. For example, a partner could create a simple and inexpensive e-ink display that continually projects the weather or your calendar, while using Assistant Connect to deliver content from your linked smart speaker. The Google Assistant handles the higher-order computing—knowing what’s on the calendar, checking for updates, and so on.

New things that will work with Google Assistant

These are all the new ways the Assistant can give you some help throughout your day. List of products that manufacturers promised will support Google’s Assistant, in upcoming weeks or months.

C by GE smart lighting

GE’s current line of smart lighting will enjoy tight integration with Google Assistant. Called C by GE, the lineup contains LED bulbs, light switches and dimmers, plus smart plugs and sensors. Owners of Google Home devices can operate GE lights directly through Assistant.

Caseta by Lutron Fan Speed Control

Want to transform your ordinary home ceiling fans into ones with smarts? The Lutron Caseta Fan Speed Control does just that. It works with Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Currant Smart Wall Outlet

This smart electrical outlet keeps an eye on the power usage of devices you connect to it, then figures out which appliances are the most inefficient. That’ll help you save money and cut down on energy waste. You can control the outlet with Google Assistant or Currant mobile app.

First Alert Onelink Bell

First Alert now has a new smart doorbell called Onelink Bell, this connected buzzer works with First Alert’s other networked home safety gear. One example is the Onelink Safe and Soundsmoke and carbon monoxide detector. The Onelink Bell will support Google Assistant.

Gourmia 11-in-1 Deluxe Multicooker

Appliance maker Gourmia unveiled a new, smart kitchen appliance. The $150 11-in-1 Deluxe Multicooker works with Google Assistant voice commands. It will also respond to voice instructions given to Gourmia’s Mia mobile app.

Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi

Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi now supports Google Assistant voice commands. Say things like,”Hey, Google, set the program on my cooker to rice” and the Instant Pot will begin the rice function. Also be able to check the Instant Pot’s status hands-free through Google Home devices.

KitchenAid Smart Display

KitchenAid Smart Display with the Google Assistant, guides you through cooking recipes from Yummly and simultaneously controls your smart home devices. Featuring a 10-inch display, it is splash resistant to stand up to kitchen spills when things get really messy during cooking. Likely to go on sale in second half of 2019, and cost between $200 and $300.

Kohler smart bathroom

Craving a bathroom remodel that puts Google Assistant within easy access? Consider Kohler’s smart bathroom collection. The line includes an intelligent toilet, a free-standing bath, a lighted mirror and a lighted three-piece vanity. All have accent lights you can control through voice commands put to Google Assistant. There’s a Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror, too, which comes in Google Assistant model.

Klipsch Bar 40G sound bar

Most home theater rigs don’t provide much free space to add extra components. Create a little more room with the 40-inch Klipsch Bar 40G sound bar. It’s designed to offer the sound of multiple speakers in one with native support for Google Assistant.

Stay updated on Discord with all the latest updates from Google Home/Assistant ecosystem.

Alexa may have taken an early lead in this race, but its ongoing fight with Google Assistant is getting more difficult than ever and it’s not even close to being over yet. Products can support both Alexa and the Google Assistant, and since smart home companies want to sell products to as many customers as possible, Alexa has been getting fewer and fewer exclusive victories.

Google and Amazon, both are set to dominate the next stage of computing, i.e. Voice Tech, so they’re pushing hard to get their position in voice computing because

The battle for click, or pinch and zoom is over. It is for Voice from here.

Both are in a land grab and it’s a race to get Google Assistant or Alexa into every home. Because once you start with one, you’re unlikely to switch. These Assistants will decide which site you go to, which ecommerce site you visit. Who is in control of those choices? Google, Amazon, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft? This is the battle for their survival, and we can be sure nobody among them wants to lose. Whether you think it’s a platform war or not, Google is definitely fighting on a dozen different fronts something it has got used to in the last decade. Let me know in the comments below, which Assistant you use and find best.

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