Google Assistant can now speak in Polish

After beta testing for Polish language for several months, you can now speak with the Google Assistant and it will respond in Polish.

The Google Assistant also gained a Polish personality. And knows the elements of Polish pop culture and local customs. You can ask, for example, for information related to Polish works: Who played in the Cold War? or Who wrote Tadeusz ?, refer to the classics of the Polish film and sing OK Google, or dub dub dub or learn more about the tastes of the Assistant, asking him for example about your favorite musician to find out that There were many cymbalists, but none of them he did not dare to play at Jankiel. You can also ask the Assistant to share some curiosity about Poland (Tell me a curiosity about Poland).

Google Assistant works well in everyday situations. Just hold down the home button or say Ok Google.

Początek dnia. Rano, przed wyjściem z domu, możecie zadać takie pytania jak:
  • OK Google, czy dzisiaj będzie padało?
  • OK Google, ile stopni będzie dziś w Krakowie?
  • OK Google, jakie mam spotkania na dziś.
Prowadzenie samochodu:
  • OK Google, napisz Kubie, że spóźnię się 5 minut.
  • OK Google, puść coś Krzysztofa Zalewskiego.
  • OK Google, wyślij Whatsapp do mamy.
  • OK Google, wyznacz najszybszą trasę do pracy.
Wyjście z pracy:
  • OK Google, co dziś grają w kinie?
  • OK Google, przypomnij mi, żeby kupić bilety do kina dzisiaj o 19:00.
  • OK Google, pokaż włoskie restauracje w okolicy.
  • OK Google, wyznacz trasę do domu.
  • OK Google, do której otwarta jest Galeria Mokotów?
  • OK Google, pokaż trasę autobusem na ulicę Świętokrzyską.
Koniec dnia:
  • OK Google, ustaw minutnik “pieczenie chleba” na 40 minut.
  • OK Google, włącz jazz na YouTube.
  • OK Google, obudź mnie jutro o 7:00.

Developers eager to create new Actions, or localize their existing ones, can get started with building Actions on Google in Polish. Here are two sample of TTS voices in Polish:



Stay updated on Discord with all the latest updates from Google Home/Assistant ecosystem.

Opportunities for Polish companies to create their Actions on Google

The first companies that have already created their actions for the Polish Assistant are PLAY (OK Google, ask PLAY what’s new?) And eSky (Ok Google. Talk to eSky).

In the coming weeks, Google Assistant will be available to all Polish users of Android smartphones (from version 5), iOS device owners from the App Store and will also be available on dedicated headphone models.

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