Google rounds out Google Assistant with compact panel

Google Assistant has rolled out a revamped phone interface that places controls and buttons closely together.

This redesign has been in testing for some time and focuses on placing Google Lens, voice search, and keyboard entry right next to each other at the center of screen. Earlier, Lens was at the far-left and keyboard input at the right. This subtle change makes Google Assistant flow a bit better.

The bottom edge of the screen is still the most reachable location to invoke Google Assistant. Replacing Google Lens at the left is Updates, that opens the organizer for day, while Explore to find new Assistant actions/apps — is at the right. Updates can still be accessed by swiping up on the entire Assistant panel.

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These two controls were previously at the top-right corner. Now, all Assistant controls are located in the bottom row and immediately accessible. Also, rounded corners throughout the Google Assistant does match most modern smartphones. This change does make Google Assistant look a bit nicer on these smartphones with rounded corners.

Also, Google Assistant will now tell you real feel/wind chill temperature in your current area. For e.g. while it could be 31 Fahrenheit, it may actually feel much colder, around 21 Fahrenheit.

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Assistant offers its own next-word suggestions, seemingly related to current events

Assistant using keyboard, offers its own next-word suggestions. Full terms appear on initial launch when there is no text in the Assistant’s search field. Once a user begins typing, the row will switch back to offer suggestions for the next word and spelling corrections. Full search suggestions will help remind users that Assistant can answer complex search terms.

Another useful aspect of this new feature can be seen when not entering anything with the keyboard at all. At this point, Assistant will show you the last two voice queries that a linked device has dealt with. In the example below, the last two questions asked to Google Home are now appearing as suggestions. That’s pretty useful if you want to see the information Google Home has already read out to you in written form, or if you want to explore the topic further.

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These new compact controls appear on Assistant interface in Google Assistant and are widely rolling out with the latest stable version (8.91) of the Google app.

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