Google Home app is your Smart Home Control center

If you’ve more than a few connected devices at home, then you’re probably jumping through different apps, with many passwords, and you’re the only one in the house that can make your home work. It can get overwhelming and complicated at times. Google has got you covered.

Instead of opening separate apps to operate those devices (or relying on voice commands) Google moved many useful toggles and controls right into the Home app. It can control all of your compatible smart devices from one place, saving you from a few headaches along the way. Whether you’re trying to change the temperature in home, change music, check-in on your backyard camera or turn on the lights as you enter home, it’s all just a few taps away in the Google Home app.

Google Home app put a centralized hub right in your hand.

Create Mood lighting with Google Home app

You can control lights and plugs from different manufacturers and integrate them into routines. For instance, you can change an entire room’s brightness through the app, even if every single bulb was from a different brand.

  1. In Google Home app, select the room or individual light you wish to change the color of smart lights
  2. Tap the “Color” setting in the Lights menu, then select the specific color you wish to switch to. “Color” menu will let you pick from 42 different shades. That’s plenty if you want to switch up the vibe.

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Google Assistant gets native support for Heaters, smart air fresheners and fireplace

Google Assistant already works with a wide variety of smart home devices, but every once in a while, new product categories are added. According to to new developer documentation, Assistant will soon work with Heaters, smart air fresheners and fireplaces.

Three new device types were recently added to Assistant. Heaters are similar to thermostats but do not support cooling and may not support setting temperature targets. Heaters may rely on modes, toggles, and fan speed settings. Air Freshener and Fireplace is exactly what it sounds like — Assistant will be able to turn them on and off, and “adjust various modes and toggles.”

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