Play YouTube Music on your Google Home for free

Listen to the ad-supported free tier of Youtube Music streaming service on your smart speaker.

Google is expanding your free choices for music on the Google Home. You can now play the ad-supported free tier of YouTube Music on the Google Home speakers and other Google Assistant-powered speakers like those from JBL, Panasonic, Sony, Polk and others. Previously, in order to listen to YouTube music on your Google Assistant smart speaker you’d have to subscribe to Google’s paid YouTube Music Premium service for $9.99 a month. Along with YouTube Music, Google’s smart speakers currently support both the free and premium versions of Pandora, Spotify and Google Play Music.

You can make any of those your default music service, so when you ask to play a song with a voice command, the Google Assistant built into the Home will search your preferred service first.

Need a groove to get you ready for a night out? Say,

  • Hey Google, play Latin vibes

Looking to kick off a dinner party or pick a power playlist for your home workout? You’re covered. With YouTube Music and Google Home, you can ask Google Home to play the right music for any moment or mood, and YouTube Music will play the perfect station, customized to your tastes based upon your request.

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Playing music out of a smart speaker eliminates one of the biggest frustrations of using YouTube Music’s free tier, which is that its app doesn’t support playing music in the background. Unless you pay for its premium tier, you have to leave you phone’s screen on and the YouTube Music app open to keep your music playing. With no screen or multi-tasking, the smart speaker suffers no such issues.

For even more control when listening to music on smart speakers or in the YouTube Music mobile app, upgrade to YouTube Music Premium for $9.99/month. YouTube Music Premium on your smart speakers gives you the ability to request specific albums, songs, artists, and playlists on-demand. It also offers useful player controls, such as unlimited skips and song replay. Also lets you background play music through the YouTube Music app while using other apps, and allows downloads for offline listening when you’re on-the-go. Best of all, listening is completely ad-free across every device.

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How to Listen to YouTube Music for Free on Your Google Home Speaker

To set YouTube Music as the default music provider, navigate to Account Settings in Google Home app > Services > Music > select YouTube Music as the default music service.

Music fans can now listen to free, ad-supported YouTube Music on smart speakers in 16 countries including United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands, and Austria. More countries coming soon. For additional information, check out Help Center.

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What music streaming service(s) you use on smart speaker, let us know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Play YouTube Music on your Google Home for free

Add yours

  1. Ok, it has improved, but here is a glaring problem that is still there.

    Say you own a bunch of music by band X.

    You ask: Shuffle X

    It says ok playing music from Google play (or similar). It then plays a song from band X.

    Once that song had played it plays RANDOM SONGS FROM THE LIBRARY.

    FFS! We want it to shuffle songs from band X.

    Show me a customer that expects that request to mean “shuffle all my music but start with one track by X”

    Why can’t the team grok simple set concepts?

    What is wrong with management there? (I know developers know better.) You only need one dumbass product manager to ruin a product and negatate the effort of scores of developers and testers.

    You need to find the person who decided this is what we want and give them a wake-up slap.



  2. I have tried this and it seems to be working as one would expect. Further thoughts on this makes me think, they’re were never ‘bugs’ in the first place. This took specific code to cripple playback for people who do not subscribe to the paid service. I bet all they had to do was get management approval to uncripple the service, and change a couple of #ifdef lines.


  3. Not sure what took so long. I have almost completely given up on it and have been using free Pandora instead. It is not like playing sets of items is rocket science.


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