Google Assistant is best football companion by your side

Football season is underway and your Google Assistant is ready to help you keep up with your favorite teams. Your Google Home speaker is more than just a fancy music box and can be your best football companion by helping you stay on top of your fantasy football league as well as follow your favorite NFL teams.

With your Assistant on your phone or Google Home, start with “Hey Google”

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1. Stock up on the essentials by asking your Assistant to “Add chips and dip to my shopping list”

2. Ask your Assistant about the competition: “Who does [insert your 🏈 team] play on Sunday?” or use CBS Sports Assistant app to get advice on how to manage your own team. It will give you advice on which players you should start, add, drop or trade. The app will also provide score updates, trade valuations, value comparisons between players and more.

3. Prepare for the game: “What’s the weather in Chicago going to be like today?” and increase your knowledge by asking for football news. ‘Hey Google, football news’. It will read a few of the most recent or relevant football news headlines and send those articles to Google Assistant on your phone. If you want to ask about a player from a specific team, for e.g., “Hey Google, who is the quarterback for the Panthers?” It will tell you who the starting and backup quarterbacks are. You can also ask for the results of recent games or how a team is doing in the current season.

4. Double check the game date: “When does [insert your 🏈 team] play again?”

5. Get to know your Assistant by asking “Who’s your favorite football team?”

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Listen to football radio and podcasts

Like to listen to football radio or podcasts? let Google Home speaker play that for you. Using TuneIn, you can listen to all your favorite internet radio. Just say,

  • Hey Google, play ESPN radio

Similarly, your favorite football podcasts can be streamed through Google Home, too. Say,

  • Hey Google, play the Around the NFL podcast

If you can’t find your preferred podcast using voice, you can use your phone to cast it to the speaker.

Play trivia and games

Play fun games with your Google Home speaker. 

Ready, set, hut.

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