Google Assistant can video call for you using Duo

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Initiate/receive video calls on Google Nest Hub using Duo, even without the camera. Nest Hub can use Google Duo video calling app, but the recipient will only see your profile pic.

How to set up Duo calls on your Nest Hub and what you can do with it

The device being used to contact your Google Nest Hub must have a camera in order for the video calling feature to work. You should see them live on your display, but they will only hear you and see your profile photo.

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You can also receive calls made by someone using Google Duo. To receive calls:

  • Duo calling needs to be set up for your device.
  • Personal results need to be on.
  • Do Not Disturb, Night mode and Downtime needs to be off.

You can also video call your Nest Hub from your phone, and the same will be true there. Whoever is at home and picks up will see you, while you’ll just hear them and see your own photo. A screen that shows you what you need quickly, so you can get back to the actual work. To initiate or answer a call, say:

  • Hey Google, video call [name]
  • Hey Google, start a group call (group video calls with Duo on Nest displays are only available in English in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.)
  • Hey Google, answer the call(to answer an incoming duo call)
  • Hey Google, decline the call(to dismiss an incoming duo call)

Google Assistant can also make video calls for you using Duo on your Smartphone

Ask Google Assistant to initiate a video call for you with someone in your contact list, and it will do so by automatically kicking you over to Duo.

You can start a Duo video call by saying or typing,

  • Hey Google, Video call [name]

The feature requires Google Duo, so it’s worth trying the command now on Assistant for Android or iOS.

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Note: Nest Hub also supports video calls through Google Meet and Zoom. But Duo continues to be the quickest way to stay connected with your loved ones.

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One thought on “Google Assistant can video call for you using Duo

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  1. So I got the Hub for $49 ($99 Black Friday and I had a $50 coupon form my Pixel 3 purchase). Only used it for 2 days but there are 2 issues that I hope they fix soon.

    1) Continued Conversation is not working. It’s not a big deal, but I have it enabled for all my other devices.

    2) The ambient clock dims too dark at night in my dark bedroom. You can’t even see what time it is. This is big no-no, I want to see what time it is if I wake up in the middle of the night. 🙂


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