How to Send and Read Messages on your phone with Google Assistant

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You can send and read messages with Google Assistant through Google Messages, messaging apps(WhatsApp), or your watch to quickly communicate with your contacts without needing to type.

How to Read and Send Messages with Google Assistant

Send a text to friends, family, and other contacts or read the messages you received with just your voice. This can be immensely useful when your both hands are occupied, and this will also help discourage texting and driving. Say,

  • Hey Google, read my text messages (If you’ve unread messages)
  • Hey Google, send a text message to Jessica

You can also send an audio message with help from Google Assistant. Say,

  • Hey Google, send an audio message
  • Hey Google, send an audio message to Michelle

The Assistant will ask you who you want to send the message to, after which you’ll proceed to speak out the message. When you send an audio message, Google Assistant will also send the best effort transcription of the message.

You can also send a message on WhatsApp through Google Assistant, just add app name in voice command:

  • Hey Google, send a message on WhatsApp
  • Hey Google, send a WhatsApp audio message to [contact]

Get information related to your conversation

Google has also integrated Google Assistant into Google Messages with suggested messages. After all, a simple, helpful messaging app having a helpful Assistant in the app makes sense. Google Messages makes it easy to ask the Google Assistant for helpful information, right from your conversation. It will suggest recommended things to say.

These smart replies with Google Assistant are helpful for recommendations on restaurants or something as basic as the weather. You can find and act on suggestions related to your conversation with Google Assistant, Smart Reply, and suggested actions.

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Instead of being able to talk directly to Assistant through messages, the new functionality instead works in the background to automatically provide suggestions when it can. For e.g., if you’re talking about a movie, food, or music, a card prompting you to launch an Assistant query will appear in your feed.

To avoid privacy concerns, processing is done on your device without sending data to Google, due to that you only get access to a search shortcut rather than an actual suggestion. However, tapping that chip will trigger a search through Assistant and display smart recommendations. If you don’t want such prompts into your discussions, turn off in the app settings. You can still launch Assistant as you usually would by tapping and holding the home button, but you’ll now see an extra option to share the suggestions back into your chat.

  • Use suggestions: Messages can show you suggestions to get more info from the Google Assistant about movies, restaurants, and more. Assistant suggestions let you see and share helpful info quickly, without leaving your conversation. To get more info, tap a suggestion to open Google Assistant.
  • Search for help with the Google Assistant: To look up info from the Google Assistant in your conversation, open a conversation and tap Attach. Next to Google Assistant, tap an option to get suggestions.
  • Ask the Google Assistant for help: To get info from the Google Assistant in your conversation, open a conversation and say “Hey Google.” say something like, “Movies nearby.”
  • Reply and share quickly with Smart Reply and suggested actions: At the bottom of a conversation, you might find Smart Reply suggestions or suggested actions based on recent messages. To send a suggested reply, tap a word or phrase. To complete a suggested action, tap the action.

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Turn Suggestions in chat on or off

You can decide which suggestions to get within your conversations.

  1. Open the Messages app Messages App.
  2. At the top right, tap More More and then Settings.
  3. Tap Suggestions in chat.
  4. Turn Assistant suggestions on or off.
  5. Turn Smart Reply on or off.
  6. Turn Suggested actions on or off.

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  1. So what the f are we supposed to be using? Allo, Duo, Android messaging, Hangouts, Google voice? Which interface will change next week and borrow features from one of the others?


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