Manage day-to-day tasks using Google Assistant Reminders

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Today, you can create reminders in Google Assistant, Calendar, and Keep. Calendar is the nicest way to see all your alerts, but the Google app offers its own view. It can be accessed by tapping your profile image in the Google app, while you can also access them quickly with Google Assistant on Android.

There are several ways to access the reminder settings, from within the Google app and directly from the Google Assistant app.

Google Assistant now lets you create and manage voice-activated reminders

Keeping track of everyday to-dos is easier with Reminders. You can now manage all your reminders in one place by saying,

  • Hey Google, open my reminders

where you’ll also see helpful suggestions for recurring reminders that you can activate with a tap. And of course, you can continue to use your voice to create and automate your to-dos. Just say, “Hey Google, remind me to water the plants every morning.” or remind me to get a haircut every month. Once set, Google will notify you at the perfect moment across your devices, whether you’re at home or on the go.

On web, go here

The feature lets you see the reminders you’ve set via the Assistant and related methods all conveniently in one place. You can also get recommendations for new ones, view a list of completed ones, and manually enter more via your keyboard.

You can still get to your Google Reminders by going to the Google app and tapping the bottom right icon, but you can now also access them from Assistant settings, either in Assistant itself or the Google Home app. Reminders will list your upcoming as well as your past reminders.

You’ll be able to

  • set time-based reminders (“Remind me to call Mom this Sunday at noon.”) and
  • recurring time-based reminders (“Remind me to take my medicine every day at 8pm.”).
  • ask about upcoming reminders (“What are my reminders tomorrow?”) and
  • delete them (“Delete my reminders for tomorrow”).
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Here’s exactly what Google Home/Nest speakers will do when it’s time for the reminder. Your Google Assistant will:

1. Play a sound, the lights will pulse and say “I have a reminder for [name]” and then a single white LED light will remain on for 10 minutes on Google Home/Nest speakers. On a display, the screen will dim.

2. To hear the reminder, use one of these voice commands:

  • Hey Google, what’s up?
  • Hey Google, what are my notifications?
  • Hey Google, what are my reminders?

3. After your Assistant reads your reminder, it will be marked as read.

Reminders set through Home are identical to those set using the Google app, so you’ll also get a notification on your other devices. Reminder notifications on the Home can also be disabled entirely, through the Google Home app. Home only recognizes reminders in English right now and fully works with multi-user Home, but French is on the way.

With Google Assistant features expanding/integrating in so many of their products, it is no surprise to see Google beginning to consolidate them all to one location.

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What reminders have you placed using Google Assistant?

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