Google Assistant takes family fun to a new level with games, activities, and stories

For families with kids

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Google Assistant is more than a way to control your lights or find out how many people live in Iceland.

Smart speakers are just as much for play as they are for work.

As you dust off the decorations and fire up the barbie, you might be looking for more activities and some quality time with the family, when you’re at home or on a long drive over the holidays, Google Assistant is here to help. Whether you’re bored with everything on Netflix or you’re having guests over, Google Assistant can inspire your family to learn, play and stay entertained with a range of over 50 new games(adventure, classic, party, trivia and number games you can enjoy solo or with a group of friends) and bots with which to interact, activities and stories for families with kids.

What games are we talking about? Think playing musical chairs, trivia games and freeze dance, Mickey Mouse Adventure, storytelling services (“Hey Google, tell me a story”), unwind with an audiobook – or embark on a wonderful, Wiggly adventure! and new tools for helping kids with their homework.


  • Hey Google, play Talk Like a Chef
  • Hey Google, talk to CK-12
  • Hey Google, play Space Trivia
  • Hey Google, talk to
  • Hey Google, help me with my homework
  • Hey Google, talk to Trivia Showdown
  • Hey Google, talk to Math Showdown
  • Hey Google, talk to Everyday Heroes
  • Hey Google, play Talk Like an Astronaut
  • Hey Google, talk to Sporcle Junior
  • Hey Google, talk to Planet Quiz
  • Hey Google, talk to Quizizz Student
  • Hey Google, play Animal Trivia


  • Hey Google, play Musical Chairs
  • Hey Google, what’s my Justice League superhero?
  • Hey Google, play Mickey Mouse Adventure
  • Hey Google, play Sports Illustrated Kids Trivia
  • Hey Google, play Freeze Dance
  • Hey Google, play What’s Your Planet?
  • Hey Google, play What’s Your Inner Animal?
  • Hey Google, play What Fruit Are You?
  • Hey Google, play What’s Your Nickname?
  • Hey Google, play Sound Pet
  • Hey Google, play This or That
  • Hey Google, play Guess the Sound
  • Hey Google, play Lucky Trivia for Families
  • Hey Google, play Family Sports Trivia
  • Hey Google, play World Foods Trivia
  • Hey Google, talk to Tricky Genie
  • Hey Google, talk to Voice Tic Tac Toe
  • Hey Google, talk to Ding Dong Coconut
  • Hey Google, talk to the Wiggles(Australian entertainers The Wiggles)
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Guessing games

  • Guess my age is exactly what it sounds like. Google Home will attempt to guess your age based on your answers to a few questions.
  • With Guess the Founder, it’s your job to correctly answer questions about founders and their companies.
  • Mystery Sounds plays everyday sounds out of context to see if you can guess them. The faster you guess correctly, the higher your score will be.

Adventure games

  • 6 Swords is a voice-based RPG where you can build a team of up to six companions to explore castles, cities and dungeons. It’s based on the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons.
  • In Crazy House, you “explore rooms filled with unique items.”
  • Crazy Portals is an adventure game that takes you through strange cities.
  • Earplay is a choose-your-own-adventure game where you play a secret agent in a radio drama. This Assistant app requires linking your Earplay account and content might not be suitable for all ages.
  • The Magic Door is also a choose-your-own-adventure game with several stories to choose from. Find hidden items and solve puzzles and riddles as you navigate a forest, garden and an ancient temple.
  • In The Pilgrim and The Guardian you play either the guardian at the gate to a temple at the end of the forest, or the pilgrim, who wants to enter the temple. Only the guardian knows the password, which changes each time, and the pilgrim must guess the password.
  • With Sub War, you command a submarine that’s capturing the Acton Straits. You must face off against up to a dozen other submarines with limited ammunition. Each shot also gives the enemies a clue about your location.

Classic games

  • 21 Blackjack is the standard Blackjack we all know and love. Get as close to 21 without busting to beat the dealer.
  • Akinator the Genie will try to guess any character you can think of by asking a series of questions. You must try to stump the Akinator.
  • Settle disputes or peek into your future, if you will, with the Crystal Ball. The Crystal Ball will give you yes or no answers to your questions.
  • You can play Classic Hangman with Google Home. Figure out the hidden word by guessing letters. Guess too many incorrect letters and you lose.
  • Magic 8 Ball, like the Crystal Ball, will give you randomized answers to your questions. Settle a dispute, make a difficult decision or just have some fun.
  • Playing Tic Tac Toe with Google Home adds an interesting twist to the typically visual game. You must visualize the board (or write it down as you go).

Party games

  • Absurd is the Word will give you an absurd prompt and two possible items as answers. After everyone has chosen their answer, the most chosen answer wins the round.
  • Ding Dong Coconut is a memory game where you must associate words with sounds. Each round, a new sound and word association is made. See how many rounds you can last.
  • With Mad Libs, you fill in the blanks with random words to try to make the funniest mad lib.
  • We’ve all played the Name Game before. You start with a name and try to rhyme it (even with gibberish) as long as you can. Just say, “OK, Google, play the name game with [name].”
  • Google Home will feed you prompts for your rounds of Never have I ever, such as, “Never have I ever had to get stitches.”
  • You can also use Google Home to play Truth or Dare. It will provide truths and dares for you to keep the game interesting.

Math and number games

  • 1-2-3 Math tests your math skills with basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Math Marathon will give you two numbers to add or subtract. If you choose the correct answer, it moves on to the next question. See how long you can last.
  • Math Quiz is very similar in that it feeds you continual arithmetic questions until you ask it to stop.
  • With Number Genie you must use hints to guess the correct number.
  • Number Recall will give you a sequence of numbers that you must repeat back. If you repeat it correctly, a number will be added to the end of the sequence. If you do not repeat it correctly, a number will be removed from the sequence.
  • Reverse Math Game is a step up in difficulty over other math games. You’re given a number and a criteria, and you have to provide the equation that would give you that number as an answer.


  • Absolutely Amazing Trivia is a trivia game about a wide range of topics.
  • American Presidents Quiz tests your knowledge of American presidents.
  • Capital Land is a trivia game that asks questions about the capitals of different countries.
  • Friends Trivia is a trivia game for fans of the show “Friends.”
  • Geek Girl Rising Trivia Game is a trivia game that tests your knowledge of the contributions women have made to the tech world.
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide Quiz tests your knowledge of “Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”
  • HuffPost Headline Quiz is a weekly quiz to see how closely you’ve followed the news. New quizzes roll out every Friday.
  • Lucky Trivia is a gameshow with general trivia that can be played solo or with a group.
  • Mandy Star Trek Trivia Game is a simple “Star Trek” trivia game. Seven of Nine is also a “Stark Trek” trivia game, but specific to the Saven of Nine character.
  • Planet Quiz tests your knowledge of our solar system.
  • SongPop will play a song and you must guess what song it is. You can choose different artists and genres.
  • Speech Tech Trivia is a trivia game about speech technology.
  • Squared Circle Wrestling Trivia is a professional wrestling trivia game.
  • Trivia Blast is a pop culture trivia game.

Google Assistant also has three Disney-themed family games for Google Nest/Home speakers that you can enjoy using voice commands. Now, you can go on all new adventures with some of your favorite Disney characters. So, all you parents out there, gather the family and get ready to dance with Woody, go on an adventure with a Disney Princess and sing along with Maui and Moana. To get started, just say, “Hey Google,

Play Disney Princess: A princess—you can choose from Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Cinderella (Cinderella), Jasmine (Aladdin) and Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)—will tell you a story or take you on an adventure.

Play Maui’s Music Game: Help Maui find Moana and navigate an undersea world. Defeat the monsters and get rewarded with magical conch shells that play music from Moana and Maui’s adventure.

Play Toy Story Freeze Dance: you’ll play as one of Andy’s new toys who must follow along with cowgirl Jessie as she teaches you some dance moves.

For even more family fun, you can still explore new worlds by playing Mickey Mouse Adventure, Belle’s Castle Adventure and Cars Adventure. Plus, you can test your knowledge of The Force with Star Wars Trivia.

Play, dance and help Emma Wiggle find her friends

This new experience invites families to guide Emma’s journey through town to find her Wiggle friends so they can get to The Wiggles concert on time. Along the way, you can dance, play games, and listen to fun songs with Emma, Lachy, Anthony, Simon, and more Wiggle friends.

Learn and discover

Through this new adventure, families can practice core skills together, such as decision making, counting and naming colors. Want to take a new adventure? Give it another whirl! Each choice leads to a different journey, allowing you to discover more experiences, situations and characters each time!

Families in Australia, US, Canada and UK will be able to choose their own adventure with a new custom Wiggles experience by Google exclusively for the Assistant. You can enjoy this experience with your Assistant on Google Nest/Home speakers – or on compatible smartphones.

More family fun

If you want to mix it up, Aussie families can enjoy even more Assistant Actions and activities with a simple voice command. Ask your Assistant to try some of these queries to unlock a world of magic:

  • Hey Google, talk to Learning Time with Timmy to learn and practice sounds and colors with Timmy.
  • Hey Google, tell me a story or tell me a story about a kangaroo to hear Australian short stories set in iconic locations such as Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef, brought to you by Funky Kids Radio.
  • Hey Google, talk to Moshi Twilight at bedtime to hear a Sleep Story (such as Across the Swooniverse) or a soothing sound (like a Franzipan Farm Birdsong).
  • Hey Google, talk to Little Baby Bum to play songs or games, such as the Potty Song or the Choo Choo Train eating game.


  • Hey Google, tell me the story of The Tired Alien
  • Hey Google, tell me the story of The Not-So-Scaredy Cat
  • Hey Google, tell me a story
  • Hey Google, play Strangest Day Ever
  • Hey Google, tell me the story of The Chef Who Loved Potatoes
  • Hey Google, talk to Story Champ
  • Hey Google, play Jungle Adventure
  • Hey Google, talk to PlayKids Junior
  • Hey Google, talk to Short Bedtime Story

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Stay across your child’s activities

With their parent’s permission, children under 13 can also have their own personalized Google Assistant experience when they log in with their own account, powered by Family Link. Family Link helps parents manage their child’s Google Account while they explore. With that, kids can access the family-friendly bots without any of the other stuff. And with Voice Match, your family can train the Assistant to recognize up to six different voices, so that each family member can get help from their own personal Assistant.

Whether you’re indoors or on the go, we hope these Assistant experiences can bring you a bit more adventure. So round up your family and say the magic words—

  • Hey Google, I want to do something fun or
  • Hey Google, Abracadabra —to unlock a world of fun!

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  1. Why add new functionally when the fundamental functionality still fails at an unacceptable rate?

    This evening we wanted to switch off our deck light. It is called “deck” and is furthermore in a room called “deck”. We gave the command: “turn deck off”. GH transcribed the command correctly to text. The command failed with the response that we must use device names and it does not know “deck”.

    This is fundamental functional failure. Why would you want to start adding Disney games when we can’t reliably switch off home control items say 99.9% of the time?

    The switching off the deck light used to work just fine. One simply cannot expect the assistant to work from one day to the next.


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