Celebrate Father’s Day with help from Google Assistant

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Make Dad a Superhero on Father’s Day with Google Assistant

Dads are awesome. They teach you how to ride your first bike, sneak you the last cookie when no one’s looking, they make sure there are no monsters under your bed, helping us reel in the ‘huge’ fish, catching us when we stumbled, reading the same book 325 times, and being there for us no matter what. Dads are pretty awesome. Often the unsung heroes of couch-fort building, light bulb replacing, family movie nights, impromptu dance parties and fixing broken things, Dad doesn’t even get to wear a cape.

I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom. Dad. A small word for a big job. Isn’t it time we celebrate dads? What can I say? Dads make the world go round.

A brand surveyed Dads and found 75% say they are responsible for their child’s emotional well-being, but only 20% see this role reflected in media. It is high time, someone had to do this and show the real picture.

Father’s Day  falls on the third Sunday of June — a day to surprise and spoil our favorite dads. With a little help from your Google Assistant, you can plan the perfect day, share some stories and more.

So you want to make Dad a superhero at home: How cool would it be if Dad could turn the lights off in the kids’ room, play a favorite song or even set the house temperature with just his voice?

First, he’s going to need a Google Nest Audio, his trusty sidekick. Then he can set himself up with some smart light bulbs, a Nest learning thermostat and even a Google Chromecast. One of Dad’s superpowers will be setting up all of this smart home stuff so it just works. So Dad needs to know what to tell his Google Assistant to control things in the house with his voice, so it seems just like magic.

Commands for around the house

  • “Hey Google, turn the lights in the living room.”
  • “Hey Google, start the coffee maker.”
  • “Hey Google, set my alarm for 6:30 AM”
  • “Hey Google, set a reminder for back to school night on Thursday”
  • “Hey Google, set the temperature to 73 degrees at 9 PM
  • ”Hey Google, find my phone”
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Commands for home entertainment

  • “Hey Google, play Star Wars: The Last Jedi on VUDU.”
  • “Hey Google, play dance party mix on Spotify”
  • “Hey Google, set living room lights to movie mode.”
  • “Hey Google, add popcorn and hot dog buns to my shopping list.”
  • “Hey Google, play the ‘This Week in Google’ podcast.”

Commands just for Dad

  • “Hey Google, what time is the next Warriors game?”
  • “Hey Google, tell me a Dad Joke.”

One up your dad with your own dad jokes.

  • Just ask your Assistant on phones to “tell me a joke.”
  • You can even ask to “talk to Best Dad Jokes” to hear more!
  • “Hey Google, read the audiobook ‘The Outsider’ by Stephen King.”
  • “Hey Google, find instructions for hanging a picture frame.”

Plan the day using Google Assistant: Start a chat with your siblings in Google Messages and ask the Assistant for help planning the day, whether it’s finding “best golf courses nearby” or “current movies in the theater.”

Bust out old photos of your dad (perhaps he went through a bell bottoms and perm phase?) by asking your Assistant to “show me photos of Dad.”

Get inspired by stories about dads from dads. Ask your Assistant for “stories about fatherhood” to hear dads tell their tales at StoryCorps. “Hey Google, tell me a story about fatherhood” or “Hey, Google, tell me a Father’s Day story,” your Google Home device will treat you and your dad to some real-life tales about fellow fathers. For e.g. this one “Look at your children not just as an extension of yourself but as an unformulated possibility, and allow them to develop into what they can be” said Isaiah, father of four.

Most importantly, don’t forget! Tell your Assistant on your phone to “remind me to call dad on Sunday.”

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Do you scowl at the thought of purchasing another shaving kit, an assortment of gourmet nuts, or new clothes for dad this Father’s Day? If your dad’s not an easy one to shop for, and if you really want to help Dad feel like a superhero on Father’s Day, gift him a Google Nest Audio, or Google Nest Mini or Google Nest Hub so he can make a super cool smart home for the family.

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When a father gives to his son/daughter, both laugh; when a son/daughter gives to his father, both cry. Help dad perfect his Dad Hacks. Make Fathers Day one to remember. Happy Father’s Day!

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