Google Assistant can help you make the most out of your fourth of July

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Celebrating on Independence Day with fireworks at a park, barbecues, a local parade or watching TV with your favorite people, and other patriotic celebrations galore. With Google Assistant users can add a little something extra to their Fourth of July and it can help you make the most out of your fourth of July!

  • Ask for facts. Ask your Assistant on Google Nest/Home speaker “Why do we celebrate the fourth of July?”
  • Get in the summertime spirit. Ask your Assistant on phones “What should I do this summer?”
  • If you’re having a barbecue at home, Google Assistant can be a great tool for advice on how to grill the burgers and avoid serious burns. When you’re ready to fire up the grill, ask your Assistant to “Add charcoal to my shopping list” or “Find me a burger recipe.”
  • When you’re planning your firework fun, ask your Assistant on phones “What’s the weather on Tuesday?” Also useful to find where and when fireworks are going to be set off so you can plan accordingly.
  • And if the sound of fireworks is a bit too loud for you, your kids (or your pets), you can ask your Assistant on Google Nest speaker to “Play white noise.”
  • You can also make your entire home more patriotic-looking if you have the right smart home software. If you’ve the right Phillips Hue or other smart light bulbs connected to Google Home, you can arrange them to shine red, white, and blue, or even flash on and off with the right set of commands.
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Perhaps, you’re looking for something else to do on the Fourth of July? Not sure where to go carnivals, concerts, picnic, baseball games in addition to various other public and private functions celebrating the historical event. Google Assistant can come in quite handy, simply ask it to recommend nearby bars or restaurants or concert options.

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However you celebrate and enjoy. Happy Independence Day and happy fourth of July!

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