2022: A Year in Review

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With another year coming to an end, let’s take a moment to reflect, recognize and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished. Whether learning new tips and tricks of Google Assistant, growing your smart home, or getting your queries answered, you’ve been a very special part of this community. A round of applause to you—and all of your fellow members!

20,000+ Smart home fans around the world

We’re thrilled to announce our thriving Google Home/Assistant global Community is now 20,000+ members strong :tada:  that is learning, and growing the reach of Smart Home by sharing their knowledge with others.

When we launched the Google Home/Assistant Community a few years back, we envisioned it as a place for Google Home, Google Assistant and Smart Home fans to ask/discuss their questions, share their experiences and connect with each other. Today, we’re elated to reach this milestone and thankful to everyone who have contributed to this.


Join over 20,077 members

Congratulations to all of our fellow community members (both veterans and newcomers) for helping make this such a vibrant, dynamic and incredibly essential resource of product knowledge that it is today. Thank you for being a part of this ever-growing community – we wouldn’t be here today without YOU all! :sparkles:

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Community Spotlight: Worldwide reach of Google Home/Assistant

Google Home/Assistant community over 20,077 members strong are far and wide and growing every day. Top 10 countries they come from:

1. United States6. Vietnam
2. United Kingdom7. Netherlands
3. India8. Philippines
4. Australia9. Denmark
5. Canada10. Bangladesh

FYI, our reach has crossed, 0.3 Million users, to be specific 312,718 people have viewed our content.

Thank you so much to all of you for taking the time and effort to contribute by participating in the community by sharing your tips and tricks or advice, asking questions, and helping others get the most out of Google Home/Assistant, making it a useful place for more than 20000+ users. Your desire to help other fellow members, and share insights, make this community a special place and contributes to its success over the years. A big shout-out to you. We appreciate you.


Community Members

Across Facebook, Twitter, MeWe, Medium, Telegram, YouTube, and WordPress.

We’ll keep improving Google Home/Assistant community, so it does a little bit more of the hard work for you. This means bringing you more useful articles, deals, user experiences, helping you out when you’ve questions and giving you a SPAM free environment. Keep engaging —it keeps the place alive and kicking, and also inspires others to learn and help others in community.

Also, thank you for believing in us and referring us to your friends. We hope to continuously receive your support in the future, as we work upon to accomplish even more in 2023 to make Google Home/Assistant Community your Smart home partner. Stay tuned for an exciting year of Google Home/Assistant updates in 2023. After all, we’re just getting started.

Now off to our next breathtaking milestone: On to the next 30K Members!

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Happy holidays to those who celebrate, and a Happy New Year to all! See you in 2023!

In case, you missed the previous year in reviews: 20182019, 2021.

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  1. So I just noticed that my Google home doesn’t know how to cast net fix to my Nvidia Shield TV yet. Well that’s what it says now. Before I was able to command it to play from Netflix but now it just tells me it doesn’t know how to do that yet. My Netflix account is linked still. I am looking at it on the home app right now. But some how it tells me it doesn’t know how to do that yet. Does anyone knows what the problem may be???


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