How Google Assistant can help you celebrate Mother’s Day

The best gift for Mom is to tell her how you feel.

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It’s almost Mother’s Day, and if you still haven’t gotten mom a gift yet — you need to get on that, right now. Whether you need to pull together some last minute plans or just want to find the right way to make mom’s day, Google Assistant is here to help.

  • Hey Google, remind me to call Mom on Sunday: If your mom lives in a different time zone, use this feature to make sure to call until it’s too late. You can set these types of reminders well into the future, too. If this is on Sunday itself, have a busy morning? Don’t forget the big day. Ask your Assistant on Android or iOS phone to ‘Hey Google, remind me to call Mom’
  • Pulling together your last minute plans? Ask your Assistant on Nest speaker “What should I do for mom?
  • Looking for the perfect activity? Ask your Google Assistant on Android or iOS phone to “Find me nearby tea shops”
  • Pick her up some flowers on your way to celebrate. Ask your Assistant “Where’s the nearest flower shop?” or If flowers at a park are more her style, ask “Where’s the nearest botanical garden?”
  • Hey Google, show me a recipe for (favorite dish): If you’re hosting mom on the special day, who doesn’t love a homemade dinner? Google Assistant on the Nest Hub can display step-by-step recipes for you to follow along with. You can even use your voice or wave your hand to pause and resume the recipe as you’re cooking.
  • Hey Google, play my mother’s day playlist: The perfect addition, ask your Assistant on Google Nest Audio.
  • Hey Google, play a trivia game: To celebrate Mother’s Day with a family game night, ask your Assistant on Nest speaker.
  • Hey Google, make a group call: Help mom feel closer to all of her friends and family with an easy group call. People can join the group call with their phone, smart speaker, smart display, laptop, or any device that’s compatible with Google Duo.
  • Hey Google, book a table at [restaurant] for Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day brunch is a big tradition in many families, so it’s best to have a table waiting for you on that busy Sunday.

Google Wants to Help You Out This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on second Sunday of May every year, so you still have plenty of time to think up the perfect gift idea. With Google’s smart speakers you can manage a full smart home configuration of lighting, security, and entertainment devices that may be appealing to your mom, If she will be interested in a smart home upgrade.

We all love looking back at family photos, but often the process of preserving and sharing our photos isn’t as fun as it is snapping them. If you’re that person who takes hundreds of photos at family gatherings (and sometimes forgets to share them), Google Nest Hub can give you a helping hand this Mother’s Day.

Hub doubles as a digital photo frame that automatically refreshes the photos that are displayed, and features your best shots. Whether you’re taking photos or curating collections to make mum or gran smile, here are a few ways Nest Hub can help you celebrate your most treasured memories together:

Automatically organise and share your memories with live albums… 

We take lots of photos and videos with the important people in our lives, but sharing those memories can take time. To help you curate and share your most treasured family memories, live albums with Google Photos lets you see your best and latest shots on Hub automatically. Just choose the people (and pets) you want to see, and Google Photos will automatically add photos of them to your album as you take them (avoiding duplicates and blurry shots).

… and keep mum and gran in the loop 

If your mum or gran loves constant photo updates of what your family gets up to, Hub can help you keep her in the loop. Instead of sending her photos via message every day, you can set up a live album on her Hub device with your Photos account so she can see your special moments as they happen. You still have full control of which photos she can see – only the highlights with certain people, or the ones you’ve selected as favorites.

Search and replay the memories with a simple voice command 

Say goodbye to endless scrolling on your phone to find photos you’re looking for! When you’re at home with family, say “Hey Google, show my photos with mom from last November” or “Show my photos with gran in the Woods” to bring up some of your favorite memories for everyone to enjoy.

Beyond the magic of Photos, Nest Hub can also give mum the gift of inspiration. It can play her favorite music, guide her through recipes – and give her a yoga class!

Our mothers are our first “original helpers”. The goal is to get your mom some help around the house with an Assistant device.  If you’re still struggling to find the right gift, perhaps these deals on smart speakers will help.

Google Nest products are discounted for Mother’s Day

  • Google Nest Mini is $37.49 (usually $49.99) at Walmart
  • Google Nest Audio is $58.95 (usually $99) at Walmart
  • Google Nest Hub is $82.85 (usually $99) at Walmart
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It’s a gift that many moms are sure to love, so pick up a Google Nest Hub or Nest Mini, slack a bow on the box, and consider your Mother’s Day gift shopping to be done.

It goes without saying that a gift should not be the only thing you do to honor your mother for Mother’s Day. Let her know she is remembered, buy some flowers, send a card, spend some time exclusively with her or show up in person first and just tell her what’s in your heart; let the gift be an addition to whatever you’re already doing for her instead of everything you’re doing for her. Life is unpredictable and these things shouldn’t go unsaid. As one daughter put it, “Mom, you did good.” For someone, who is fascinated by superheroes, here’s what I would say: You’re my Hero.

Mother’s, who’ve helped us grow as people. Who with love and imagination battled monsters living under our bed. Who showed us the wonder of the world and encouraged us to find our unique place in it. Who celebrated the weird in each of us and who challenged us to take chances, but err on the side of kindness. Who whether in memory or in each moment, continue helping us grow each day. Thank you for all the patience, wisdom and teaching us what is most important in life.

Whether you’re spending the day at home or out and about, Google Assistant can help add to your celebrations this Mother’s Day.

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What will you say to your Mom/guardian this Mother’s Day? What gift(s) you’ve planned for the day, let us know in the comments below. Happy Mother’s Day, Moms!

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