2019 – A Year in Review

In 2019 we focused on Conversation, and Community. We shared different practices for you to take your Smart Home ideas further, and unlocked new ways to maximize your value using Google Home/Assistant. 2019 saw Google Home/Assistant reach more users, on more platforms, with more engagement.

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣: The Year in Review

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New Journey Begins

We’re gonna make Words And Voices(WAV) hub for our exclusive attention. The premise of WAV has always been built around Emerging Tech and seeing things early.

Five reasons for having contact page

A blog is a social device – a way for people to share an exchange of ideas and facilitate discussion. At least that’s what I thought until recently, when I was trying to promote an article. I was shocked at the number of blogs that provide exactly zero methods of contacting the owner. None! No... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Words And Voices. Blog for updates on Emerging technology. I also have another blog called Words From Web Worker. You are welcome to read, and comment on any of those. Hope to see you soon!

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