Google Assistant can now tell you a story on your Android and iOS phone

No matter where or how you or your kids choose to read or listen to a book, the Google Assistant can help out at storytime.

Education Resources Goes Online

You can now select a YouTube-related course through Pitzer College. But while a course about YouTube is surprising to some, the web is actually a treasure trove of education-related resources, including lots of video lectures, educational wikis and podcasts. The key sites for modern, web-based learning are outlined below - feel free to add more... Continue Reading →

Tons of Free Ebooks, links, & forums

For a complete list of books, go here : Tons of Free Ebooks, links and forums Tons of Computer related ebooks : Computer/Electrical eBooks: Good Engineering books: Electrical & Electronics Engineering Ebooks : Mechanical Engineering Ebooks : Chemical Engineering Ebooks : Engineering Handbooks... Continue Reading →

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