The Story of Amit

The Story of Amit

What is code? Why is everyone talking about it these days?

We know that when we enter code into a computer we get software. And we know that software is part of the fabric of our lives - from the computers in our cars to the ATMs that spit out our money, and to the switching channels on our cable boxes, our lives are run by software. But... Continue Reading →

Google Calendar could soon manage real life for you

Google Calendar could soon manage real life for you

Changing world, one app at a time

Changing world, one app at a time

Chromebook – Nothing but the web

Chromebooks are built and optimized for the web, so you get a faster, simpler and more secure experience without all the headaches of ordinary computers. A new type of computer with everything built-in and designed to help you get things done. Will you believe me, If I tell you Chromebooks are selling like hotcakes... Continue Reading →

Google Reader’s demise levels the playing field

Way back in March, Google revealed plans to shut down eight of its services as part of what it calls an ongoing spring cleaning effort. I was pretty bummed to see that Google Reader will be shut down on July 1. Yes, Google Reader my most used app on web is history now. This is one web app(in simple terms it could... Continue Reading →

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