Google Assistant tops and beats Alexa and Siri in ‘Smart Speaker IQ’ test

Google Home devices take the crown as the most intelligent smart speakers

By requiring an introductory word as trigger, Google has forced an element of conversation

After you ask the Assistant a question, you can ask a follow-up, set a reminder, or add something to your shopping list without having to say “Hey Google” each time.

Google Assistant 6x better than Alexa in 3,000 question test

With Google Home backed by Google’s extensive search engine and the company’s huge investment in AI over the years this news may come as no surprise.

Google Assistant understands better than Siri and provides more accurate answers

Google to Apple: Our AI is better than your AI.

If Google Assistant is a glimpse at our future living with AI, then sign me up

For those who’ve never given smart speakers a go, it really is very intuitive once you get going.

Alexa, Google is aiming to steal your throne

Google Assistant and Amazon’s Bing-powered system will only get smarter, but Google has a big advantage here.

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