Your notifications up to your eyeball for quick interaction

Google Glass helps you know about the things that matter to you, without being distracted by your phone.

Introducing Wear OS, Android on your wrist

Introducing Wear OS, Information that moves with you. Useful information when you need it most - at a glance or in a word.

What makes the Nexus 4 Special

Nexus 4 has an HDR photo mode, which produces great results with surprisingly fast processing, and Google has greatly improved its photo editing options, making tweaking your images easier and faster than before. The camera produces vivid images with a relatively low noise and excellent color clarity.

Why I bought Google Nexus Phone

Google has so much more control over the Nexus phones—having a Nexus means you get updates almost as soon as Google releases them. You'll also have more stable ROMs, better rooting methods, and all around an easier time hacking and tweaking your phone.

Android dominates U.S. Smartphone OS Network

A bevy of companies led by HTC, Motorola, and Samsung have helped make Android the dominant OS in US.

How Palm will battle giants in Smartphones

In a land of cellphone giants, Palm is a mouse compared with Apple, Research in Motion, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and Nokia, which are battling to control the future of smartphones.Palm invented the category of a Web-surfing pocket-computer phone with its Treo line in 2002. Image: Palm Treo 700p It simplifies your life by combining a compact mobile phone with email, an organizer, messaging,... Continue Reading →

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