Change is Inevitable

Glass is finding its way to developers and others and the reaction has been, well, predictable. I’ve been watching with great interest over the past few weeks as the naysayers seem to have gone overboard trying to bash +Project Glass every chance they can. I’ve seen articles on Wired, CNN, Venturebeat, Businessinsider and on blogs, etc.,... Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs: One Year later

Apple has posted a memorial video on its homepage, with footage of Steve Jobs over the years speaking at keynotes and Apple events, showing images of him and the products he created that changed the way we think about and use computers and mobile devices. The video begins with the famous Wayne Gretzky quote that... Continue Reading →

Google’s Augmented Reality Glass: Project Glass

After months of speculation, Google revealed some information(on April 4th, 2012 to be specific)about the Project Glass. Instead of using a smartphone to find information about an object, translate a text, get directions, compare prices, you can use smart glasses that augment the reality and help you understand more about things around you.Google says "We... Continue Reading →

Remembering Steve Jobs – the crazy one

For the first few seconds after I read this news on 5th, my world came crashing down on me. It was perhaps the only time that I didn’t care for the technology news; I didn’t want to write about it. Why doesn’t the world realize that my Hero is dead! I don’t care about a world... Continue Reading →

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