Hey Google, when is Google I/O

Hey Google, talk to Google I/O. The long-awaited Google I/O is finally coming! Tons of innovations are to be unveiled. So how and where can you watch this year’s Google I/O Keynote? This guide will take you through it.

702 occupations would soon be computerized out of existence

Is Automation taking our Jobs? Yes, definitely, but will it add new kind of jobs to economy that is the big question, we don't have answer for yet.

Lifetime learning, continued training and retraining throughout our lives are key to staying ahead

Future is going to be much more of a humans and software working together, rather than working against each other.

We’ll experience a new age of productivity about a decade from now

The current advances in Information Technology pale in social impact compared to ‘Great Inventions’ of the first and second Industrial Revolutions.

Google Assistant now sounds convincingly human

Google shows how confident it is with its TTS capabilities by pitting Tacotron 2 samples against recordings of a real human reading the same text.

Google Assistant 6x better than Alexa in 3,000 question test

With Google Home backed by Google’s extensive search engine and the company’s huge investment in AI over the years this news may come as no surprise.

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