702 occupations would soon be computerized out of existence

Is Automation taking our Jobs? Yes, definitely, but will it add new kind of jobs to economy that is the big question, we don't have answer for yet.

Lifetime learning, continued training and retraining throughout our lives are key to staying ahead

Future is going to be much more of a humans and software working together, rather than working against each other.

We’ll experience a new age of productivity about a decade from now

The current advances in Information Technology pale in social impact compared to ‘Great Inventions’ of the first and second Industrial Revolutions.

The Droids you’re looking for

By eliminating the need for people to work, robots would free us up to focus on what really makes us human.

Robots could soon become advanced enough to make their own decisions

It depends upon masters of Robots what kind of decisions they'll let Robots to take on their own.

Internet of Things(IOT) is one of the biggest of all the technology trends taking place right now

Your home would know when you're home or gone. When you go to sleep, when you wake up and will adjust itself accordingly.

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