Creative clustering

Creativity that comes from expertise coupled with spatial proximity — the idea that creativity, innovation and economic output will thrive in places where people with similar knowledge sets are close together was perfect, until the COVID-19 rewrote the terms of telecommuting. Creativity, innovation and economic output thrives in places where people with similar knowledge sets are close together.Tweet The shift... Continue Reading →

Growing up makes us less creative

Growing up makes us less creative

Creativity is about connecting ideas

Three key elements of creativity—copy, transform, and combine—are the building blocks of all original ideas.

Gone with the Tide

+Andres Amador creations are simply stunning and beautiful. Ephemeral art work.Passion can make you do things, that nobody could even imagine. That's the power of being passionate about something. It amazes me how far people have gone just due to their passion for it.To see more of his earthscapes, visit

How Tinkering Helps You Learn

Doodle by @giuliaforsythe drawn during @grantpotter‘s presentation Tinkering is often thought of a lot like doodling. Mindlessly playing around with things certainly can't help you learn, right? Well, as research points out, tinkering might actually be really good for learning. Tinkering, or figuring out how something works just by poking at it for a while,... Continue Reading →

Roko mat Toko mat

There is no greater school than childhood and no greater teacher than curiosity..

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