Email and your focus

We’ve shifted from a society of artists and specialists to one that stares at digital pixels all day.In April 2008, the New York Times published an article which uncovered that nearly a third of one’s work day is spent on irrelevant items and distractions such as email. What’s more, the Radicati Group found that the... Continue Reading →

Email tip: Read Once, Then Decide

The most unproductive thing you can do when it comes to e-mail is to read the same messages over & over again. This has the effect of doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling your workload. Instead, you should read each message once, then decide what to do with it. Read-decide. Read-decide. This is the pattern of... Continue Reading →

Email tip: Only Process E-mail at Designated Times

In my experience, most people are overwhelmed by their e-mail. Throughout the day, they are bombarded with e-mail messages. Like a tennis match from hell, some feel obligated to hit every ball back across the net as soon as it lands in their court. Others eventually give up & allow the tennis balls to cover... Continue Reading →

Email tip: Reply to all email messages within 24 hours

Do you ever get frustrated when someone does not reply to your messages within 24 hours? Isn't it fun to work with people who reply only after you've politely (but persistently) badgered them a few times?I can tell you that they only reply to two types of people: those whose cooperation they need in order... Continue Reading →

Email tip: Unsubscribe Me

I don’t know about you, but I receive way more email than I like. This past weekend, I realized that about 20 percent of it comes from email newsletters & companies I’ve membership account with in the past. Half of it, I don’t recall opting into—even legitimate companies. Most of it is a complete waste... Continue Reading →

Yahoo trying to compete with Gmail

Today, I came across this newly added feature of calling the sender and sending her IM via the email page only. This is in the context of competition with Gmail which has started providing full-fledge chat in the explorer window.Let's see what shape this takes..

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