Bionics that let us run, climb and dance

A broken body isn't a broken person.How electromechanics attached to the body, and implanted inside the body are beginning to bridge the gap between disability and ability, between human limitation and human potential. Through technological innovation, I returned to my sport, stronger and better. Technology had eliminated my disability, and allowed me a new climbing prowess.... Continue Reading →

Smart Appliances taking over your kitchen

With technology intersecting just about every area of our lives, here's a look at new concept, giving us a peek into what cooking in the future may be like.

Your Voice will be the next User Interface

Instead of opening an app and clicking a button when you want to order food for delivery, you could just ask for it, as though you were speaking to a human assistant.

Moov – Your Personal Fitness Coach Moov(next generation of wearable tracking) isn’t just a fitness tracker — it's a fitness coach. When you’re running, Moov will give real-time audio tips right through your headphones about how to shorten or lengthen your stride or speed up. Get latest updates on Google Home and Google Assistant on your mobile +Moov wants to go... Continue Reading →

Dash is turning dumb cars into Smart, Futuristic Machines

Dash may lead to a sea change in the way that we think about our cars and how we drive.

Next big thing for Smartphone’s: Seeing And Understanding

A Smartphone would be able to see and understand its environment with the help of Perceptual Computing And Vision Processing.Project Tango, an attempt to give mobile devices human-like understanding of space and motion by +Google ATAP(Advanced Technology And Projects).Computer vision is a rich field of academic, commercial and industrial research, the implications of which extend tendrils... Continue Reading →

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