How We Prioritize Online Distractions Without Knowing

"You have a new email messages from A", "B wants to be your friend on Facebook", "C sent you a direct message on Twitter", "You have D unread items in Google Reader", "Your friend E is available for chat on Skype", "There’s a new SMS from F on your mobile phone"… and the list continues.... Continue Reading →

Flash Slideshow for Flickr

Here's how to get flash based flickr photo slideshow for your blog:Click on INFO button in the bottom right of this slideshow1. Enter your Flickr Username and hit the submit button.2. Now simply dump the generated code in the area on your blog you will like to see your flash slideshow.Enjoy!

Most cheapest USB Key

Now this is just a joke for the day. I hope this makes few of your moments smiling if not for the rest of the day.Have a nice day ahead.

Funny liners for your T-shirt

Funny, bold, cool captions for your T-shirts.> Zero to naughty in 6 seconds...> There are only 10 types of people in the world....those who understand trinary, those who don't, and those who mistake it for binary.> One man’s meat is another man’s poison~ tell me about it- I have vegetarian friends!> I invented the cordless... Continue Reading →

Girlfriend 5.0 to Wife 1.0 – Tech. Support {funny}

Dear Tech Support Team:Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 5.0 to Wife 1.0. I soon noticed that the new program began unexpected child-processes that took up a lot of space & valuable resources. In addition, Wife 1.0 installed itself into all other programs & now monitors all other system activities.Applications such as BachelorNights 10.3, Cricket... Continue Reading →

Love Letter In A Trendy Way

HEY GUYZ CHECK THIS LOVE LETTER OUT........ITS DEFENITELY GOING TO MAKE U LAUGH...Assume an advertising agent has fallen in love. So just have a look at my opps[his] way of writing a love letter to his juliet.A COOL Love letterMy Dear FAIR & LOVELY (EK TUKUDA CHAND KA), you are my TVS SCOOTY (First Love)... Continue Reading →

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