Google in 2011

Google as a company has been always more ambitious than any other company I've ever followed in Silicon valley. From Robotic cars to Windfarms & from ISP to Mobile Carrier(as per rumor), Googe keeps pushing boundaries to explore the unexplored.  Recently, GOS made few predictions about how Google will do in 2011 & I couldn't agree more. But... Continue Reading →

Email and your focus

We’ve shifted from a society of artists and specialists to one that stares at digital pixels all day. In April 2008, the New York Times published an article which uncovered that nearly a third of one’s work day is spent on irrelevant items and distractions such as email. What’s more, the Radicati Group found that... Continue Reading →

Using any browser log into 2 or more Gmail accounts

We are going to use Gmail's Mail Fetcher to achieve this goal. Note: (a) Make sure to ENABLE POP in your second Gmail account which will be accessed from the Main Gmail. (b) If you are an advanced user or if you have tried this feature with no success then jump to 5th point directly. (c) You... Continue Reading →

Yahoo trying to compete with Gmail

Today, I came across this newly added feature of calling the sender and sending her IM via the email page only. This is in the context of competition with Gmail which has started providing full-fledge chat in the explorer window.Let's see what shape this takes..

Cutting Edge Technology Makes Tougher Work Conditions

The world’s smallest PC - targetted at BPO's, banks & retail chains - places that face a space constraint - promises a bonanza for the bosses but nothing less than a buffeting for the employees.IBM has come out with the world's smallest PC, which has the height of a coffee mug, the width of a... Continue Reading →

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