Google Glass Enterprise Edition – a practical workplace tool that saves time and money

Workers who need real-time information—and both hands free—were natural beneficiaries of what Glass had to offer. Businesses, like medical practices, are introducing Enterprise Edition in their workplaces to transform previously cumbersome tasks.

There aren’t a lot of moments in life that are bigger than this one

A surprise of a lifetime

Google will soon know what you want to know before you even realize it

Project Glass has gone from Star Trek fantasy to reality.

Project Glass is designed around micro-interactions

Project Glass helps you know about the things that matter to you, without being distracted by your phone.

Wearable Tech. can fundamentally change the way we track and gamify health

Wearable technology will become a growing focus for health care providers in years to come, and Glass can help bring that self awareness.

Apps for your Project Glass

The closer we get to the launch of Project Glass, the more interesting it gets to see all these real life scenarios that would be augmented to our benefits.

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