Deal: Put a Google Assistant speaker on your nightstand

Nest Speakers allow you to bring Assistant pretty much anywhere in your home. So whether you need to command connected lighting or call up some cooking help in the kitchen, Nest speakers are an essential upgrade for those in Google’s smart home ecosystem.

How Google is trying to protect you and your Nest speakers from being hijacked

Google is trying to protect you and your Google Home from being hijacked

Google Nest speakers are more than capable of acting as your music player

The ability to listen to music "right out-of-the-box" without signing up to a paid streaming subscription, will will be a welcome addition to anyone who's thinking of buying a Google Nest/Home speaker.

Google Nest Mini, Nest Audio, Nest Hub are available in 17 countries

Google Home availability has doubled its country count in just nine months.

How to turn Google Nest speaker/hub into a Bluetooth speaker

If you've been reluctant to use Google Home as a proper audio speaker before, this might well change things.

In which room is your Google Nest Speaker or Hub? (Poll)

Where do you prefer to keep your Nest Hub/Speaker in Home?

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