Hey Google, when is Google I/O

Hey Google, talk to Google I/O. The long-awaited Google I/O is finally coming! Tons of innovations are to be unveiled. So how and where can you watch this year’s Google I/O Keynote? This guide will take you through it.

A question is the most powerful force in the world

Answers are cheap, Questions are valuable

Google is not really a search company

I've always believed, Google is not a conventional company, and doesn't function like one.

Next big thing for Smartphones: Perceptual Computing And Vision Processing

Smartphone’s Next Trick: What does a world look like when our device can see and hear us?

Chromebook – Nothing but the web

Chromebooks free you from device drivers, hardware compatibility complexities, software update annoyances, and traditional virus worries. They're essentially zero-maintenance systems, and if you really needed, you could reset a Chromebook completely and be back up and running as if nothing had happened in a matter of minutes.

What makes the Nexus 4 Special

Nexus 4 has an HDR photo mode, which produces great results with surprisingly fast processing, and Google has greatly improved its photo editing options, making tweaking your images easier and faster than before. The camera produces vivid images with a relatively low noise and excellent color clarity.

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