Google Home app is your Smart Home control center

Google Home App is your Smart Home Command Center for all smart home gadgets compatible with the Google Home ecosystem.

Google Assistant now works with 50,000 smart home devices

Google is working to make With Google Assistant experience a lot better, so you can easily control all the devices and appliances in your home with just your voice. Google Assistant can work with more than 5,000 connected devices for your home, and now every major device brand works with the Assistant in the U.S.

Google Assistant syncs your smart home devices with just one phrase

Google Assistant can fix many of your smart home issues with just one command.

All iRobot Roombas can be controlled with Google Assistant

All Connected iRobot Roombas Now Controllable with Google Home

Chromecast can now sync music with Google Nest/Home speakers

Your music and audio from Chromecast-enabled apps are instantly available to stream.

GE’s light bulbs work with Google Assistant without a hub

This lighting collaboration with Google means turning the bulb on or off, is as simple as screwing in a lightbulb and saying, “Hey, Google".

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