Watch Made by Google unveil the Smart Home hardware and more here

Tune in to see what surprises Google has in store for all of us.

Google Assistant will be more contextually aware when turning lights On/Off in Rooms

Being able to adjust lighting with your voice, when your hands are full, is super convenient.

Bringing Google Assistant to Nest x Yale lock

Now your Nest Secure won't just accept commands from your Google Home, it'll start to behave like one itself. That's right, it's getting the Google Assistant. Nest's security hub doubles as a Google Assistant device.

How your futuristic life could be in a world full of VR and AR

If you wonder about the ways in which these technologies are shaping the world to come, ‘Hyper-Reality’ is about to blow your mind.

Internet of Things(IOT) is one of the biggest of all the technology trends taking place right now

Your home would know when you're home or gone. When you go to sleep, when you wake up and will adjust itself accordingly.

Google Glass is the next big thing

The goal of Glass is to take your base sensory experience of the world and deliver it to you in a better, more livable, more enjoyable, more beautiful way.

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