Google is not really a search company

I've always believed, Google is not a conventional company, and doesn't function like one.

First Day: Time for mom’s first day at school

First Day: Time for mom's first day at school.

World Wide Web celebrates birthday along with me

On the 25th birthday of the web, I urge you to join in to help imagine and build the future of the web, and help keep it free and open web for everyone.

Chromebook – Nothing but the web

Chromebooks free you from device drivers, hardware compatibility complexities, software update annoyances, and traditional virus worries. They're essentially zero-maintenance systems, and if you really needed, you could reset a Chromebook completely and be back up and running as if nothing had happened in a matter of minutes.

Google Reader’s demise levels the playing field

Reader's disappearance is Google's best idea for saving RSS. From stagnant to vibrant in 3 months. Reader's demise helped RSS more, than the last 3 years of silence.

Life hack web apps to make your life easier

I've been advocating for use of software in most areas of your life, but pandemic just pushed it on way too many people at once. There’s still nothing like that for certain conversations, discussions, debates, certain tasks continue to remain best in presential format. Think about how life would be different if we had access to... Continue Reading →

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