What do you do?

By talking about the value you bring to your clients early in the conversation, you are emphasizing the benefits of your service rather than the features.

Developing your Personal Brand

Whatever you decide distinguishes you in the marketplace of talent, make sure consistency is the bedrock of your brand.

Typecast yourself!

Think cars: You never hear an advertiser say, “Buy my car, it’s good for everything!” Volvos are safe. BMWs are fun. Saturns are easy to buy. Just as successfully branded products offer specific benefits, successfully branded careerists offer specific talents. You get to the top by being the best, and you can’t be the best... Continue Reading →

The Brand Called You

Your Pitch: What's the pitch for You? So it's a cliche: don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle. it's also a principle that every corporate brand understands implicitly, from Omaha Steaks's through-the-mail sales program to Wendy's "we're just regular folks" ad campaign. No matter how beefy your set of skills, no matter how tasty you've... Continue Reading →

The Brand called You: your specialty (Part 2)

What makes you different/special? Start right now: as of this moment you're going to think of yourself differently! You're not an "employee" of General Motors, you're not a "staffer" at General Mills, or you're not a "worker" at General Electric. You don't "belong to" any company for life, and your chief affiliation isn't to any... Continue Reading →

You: The Brand

The other week I had the pleasure of speaking to a large group of luxury-home builders. When the conference organizer first contacted me, I thought, "Why would high-end custom-home builders want to listen to a speaker discuss business communications skills?" I soon learned that homebuilders are pitching themselves and their projects all the time --... Continue Reading →

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