702 occupations would soon be computerized out of existence

Is Automation taking our Jobs? Yes, definitely, but will it add new kind of jobs to economy that is the big question, we don't have answer for yet.

We’ll experience a new age of productivity about a decade from now

The current advances in Information Technology pale in social impact compared to ‘Great Inventions’ of the first and second Industrial Revolutions.

The new coming wave of automation is blind to the color of your collar

Future is going to be much more of a humans and software working together.

The Droids you’re looking for

By eliminating the need for people to work, robots would free us up to focus on what really makes us human.

In the new world, Full-Time Employees will become APIs

Developers are rapidly finding ways to put future developers out of jobs. Much has been made about how the dropping cost of website infrastructure has spurred a boom in startup formation, with Amazon Web Services held up as the prime example. The capital cost of servers has been eliminated, but even more important is the... Continue Reading →

Productivity learnings over the years

Productivity Lessons from Ants

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