Your phone isn’t just a phone anymore

As time progresses, the number of devices you carry will decrease, since devices will be ubiquitous.

Android dominates U.S. Smartphone OS market

A bevy of companies led by HTC, Motorola, and Samsung have helped make Android the dominant OS in US.

The Rise of Connected Devices

A network space where billions of intelligent embedded devices will connect with larger computing systems, and to each other, without human intervention.

How Palm will battle giants in Smartphones

In a land of cellphone giants, Palm is a mouse compared with Apple, Research in Motion, Samsung, Google, Microsoft and Nokia, which are battling to control the future of smartphones.Palm invented the category of a Web-surfing pocket-computer phone with its Treo line in 2002. Image: Palm Treo 700p It simplifies your life by combining a compact mobile phone with email, an organizer, messaging,... Continue Reading →

10 ways to be productive with your Handheld, Smartphone, or PDA

These days, many web workers are upgrading to more powerful handheld mobile devices — PDA, smartphone, Internet tablet, ultra-mobile PC — and they never seem to stop fiddling with them. From checking email to reading RSS feeds to doing IM or Twitter, the mobile worker is always connected. But not always productive. Despite the popular... Continue Reading →

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