Google Glass Enterprise Edition – a practical workplace tool that saves time and money

Workers who need real-time information—and both hands free—were natural beneficiaries of what Glass had to offer. Businesses, like medical practices, are introducing Enterprise Edition in their workplaces to transform previously cumbersome tasks.

Trey Ratcliff, rocking his Google Glass in Dystopian China

Whenever I am in public, people my age and younger are SUPER interested in the Glass.

Tim O’Reilly: Project Glass is a magical experience

Hands on review from Tim O'Reilly: It's been a long time since a tech gadget has had me grinning ear to ear so often.

The best thing about Glass is its ability to give anyone a perspective they never see anymore

For the first time, people are able to share video that truly captures a real life experience from a real life perspective.

Project Glass will take photography to the next level

Project Glass has a huge advantage of being put on one of the steady parts of your body, and that opens up so many possibilities for creating photographs.

With Google Glass, photography is going to get a lot more personal

With Project Glass, all Google seems to inspire is consumer enthusiasm.

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