A World full of VR and AR

How your futuristic life could be in a world full of VR and AR.The overnight success of Pokémon Go has left many wondering whether the smash-hit mobile game is merely another passing fad or the harbinger of something much more momentous – a widespread integration of augmented and virtual reality technologies into our daily lives.If... Continue Reading →

Google Android is moving on to your wrist

Now that +Android dominates the market share for smartphones, Google threw the tech world a curveball today with its Android Wear platform, a wearable version of Android. This could make all those other smart watches look like they're standing still.Introducing Android Wear. Information that moves with you. Useful information when you need it most - at a... Continue Reading →

Moov – Your Personal Fitness Coach

Moov(next generation of wearable tracking) isn’t just a fitness tracker — it's a fitness coach.+Moov wants to go beyond basic “step” data to tell you how to improve your form and get the most out of your workout. Moov can instruct you on how to run, box, swim, bike, and exercise. It can give you tips... Continue Reading →

Grab, Pinch and Touch 3D objects in the real world

Your real devices with you everywhere you are. All your applications travel with you all of the time. Adjust your screen size and add extra display areas.The power of creation at your finger tips.First it was +Google Glass and now this +meta, day by day these glasses keep reminding me, I need to get used to... Continue Reading →

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