702 occupations would soon be computerized out of existence

Is Automation taking our Jobs? Yes, definitely, but will it add new kind of jobs to economy that is the big question, we don't have answer for yet.

Lifetime learning, continued training and retraining throughout our lives are key to staying ahead

Robots are getting very good at a whole bunch of jobs and tasks, but there are still many categories in which humans perform better. And, perhaps more importantly, robots and other forms of automation can aid in the creation of new and better jobs for humans. As a result, while we do expect that some... Continue Reading →

The new coming wave of automation is blind to the color of your collar

Future is going to be much more of a humans and software working together.

The Droids you’re looking for

By eliminating the need for people to work, robots would free us up to focus on what really makes us human.

Our endless inventiveness and bottomless desires means that we never get enough

https://youtu.be/th3nnEpITz0 Our endless inventiveness and bottomless desires means that, there's always new work to do. If you think about it, many of the great inventions of the last 200 years were designed to replace human labor. Tractors were developed to substitute mechanical power for human physical toil. Assembly lines were engineered to replace inconsistent human... Continue Reading →

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