Hey Google, when is Google I/O

Hey Google, talk to Google I/O. The long-awaited Google I/O is finally coming! Tons of innovations are to be unveiled. So how and where can you watch this year’s Google I/O Keynote? This guide will take you through it.

Google Assistant is the best soccer/football companion by your side

Tackle football season with Google Assistant by your side.

Google Assistant can track/call Santa, and tell holiday jokes

Discover Google Home holiday-themed tips and tricks to make your holiday festive.

Google Assistant takes family fun to a new level with games, activities, and stories

With Google Assistant, make your family time better with over 50 games, activities, and stories designed for families with kids.

Google Assistant now works with more than 100 Million devices

Google is working to make With Google Assistant experience a lot better, so you can easily control all the devices and appliances in your home with just your voice. Google Assistant can work with more than 5,000 connected devices for your home, and now every major device brand works with the Assistant in the U.S.

Google Assistant can help you find a plumber, electrician and other local services

Google Assistant will help, find plumbers, locksmith, electricians, painters, and house cleaners.

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