Learning New and Unfamiliar Skills Improves Memory

It's no secret that if you want to improve your memory (or any brain function), you have to work at it. A new study, however, shows that specifically learning a new skill that's unfamiliar to you can have a marked improvement in memory.It is not enough just to get out and do something–but do something... Continue Reading →

How Tinkering Helps You Learn

Tinkering is often thought of a lot like doodling. Mindlessly playing around with things certainly can't help you learn, right? Well, as research points out, tinkering might actually be really good for learning.Tinkering, or figuring out how something works just by poking at it for a while, is a pretty time-honored technique.Research(International Journal of Engineering... Continue Reading →

The Five Cognitive Distortions of People Who Get Stuff Done

In Michael Dearing's The Five Cognitive Distortions of People Who Get Stuff Done presentation, the five distortions are:Personal exceptionalismDichotomous thinkingCorrect overgeneralizationBlank canvas thinkingSchumpeterianismlast one sounds difficult to understand, so he outlines Schumpeterianism like this:Definition: sees creative destruction as natural, necessary, and as their vocationBenefits: fearlessness, tolerance for destruction and painSchumpeterianism means the ability to let... Continue Reading →

Roko mat Toko mat

Bachpan se bada koi school nahi, curiosity se badi koi teacher nahi.There is no greater school than childhood and no greater teacher than curiosity.Parle G(the largest selling brand of biscuits in the world) asks parents to encourage their child's curiosity and creativity in its campaign called 'Kal ke genius'. While the song has an '80s... Continue Reading →

Be a better listener to get more done

Not many of us would admit that we're poor listeners, but the proof may surround us in our daily life. If you find your friends/coworkers asking you the same questions repeatedly, or you respond to email without reading it, you're probably missing something. Fortunately, being a better communicator isn't that difficult.Web Worker Daily argues that... Continue Reading →

Three Lists for 2011

New Year resolutions are not complete, until we really find out what is working(and not working) with them. We need to focus on things which are bringing us more results or better outcomes in life and for this Tim Sanders suggests to keep these three lists(also maintained by Jerry Yang at Yahoo).1 - The Stop Doing... Continue Reading →

How to be a REAL Manager

Recently, I had a chance to attend Management talk, and the topic was ‘First break all the rules’, It would have been better to call it ‘Change in Management’ instead. Regardless, talk was too boring to learn much from it on practical areas. That made me think of pinning down What really managers should do... Continue Reading →

College Tools For Back To School

This list comprises everything from financial aid to local guides, social networking, web-based applications and much more for the student with no time to waste in getting the most out of their education. Application Sites BeRecruited.com - For student athletes to fill out a form and be connected with college recruiters while getting information on... Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Fast and Effective Learning

Fortunately, learning and learning to learn well, will always be one of the most valuable skills in your personal and professional life. My point is to start building these skills as soon as possible, preferably when you are still a student. Fast and effective learning is a skill for life and we could talk about... Continue Reading →

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