Doodling, can free up memory, improve content retention

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Free up short and long-term memory, improve content retention, increase attention span and also produce creative insight.

We think in pictures, not words. 90% of information transmitted to your brain is visual and your brain is able to process visual 60000 times faster than text.

Each country and language has it’s own context, culture and background. Visualizing ideas helps to drive the point home not only with yourself, but with the others, if you want to make sure that they understand what you mean. Visual conversations are about explaining your ideas using visuals and drawings. If a simple box and arrows can explain better what you need to say, that’s what you need.

Visual language is the most common language in the world.

Verbal and auditory learning modes often conflict. But visual and auditory modes reinforce each other. Because “when the mind starts to engage with visual language, you get neurological access that you don’t have when you’re in a linguistic mode. The optimal scenario for trying to learn a subject seems to be partly visual, partly linguistic. It gives your brain two layers of richness.

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How this common “time waster” is really a creative launch-pad and today, the doodle nay-sayers are being drowned out by a growing body of research and opinion that indicates that connects that seemingly distracted scribbling with greater info retention and creativity.

Recent research has shown that doodling is not an enemy of attention; it may in fact be a friend.

Knowledge workers have to deal with lot of information on daily basis, A simple 30-minute doodle can help them remember that information, fill in gaps in their thinking, and can provide a much-needed reprieve from the loads of information they must wade through.

Most of my school/college notebooks used to have doodles in upper and left margins, though they were not much meaningful but yes this habit of doodling has been lingering since those days.

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  1. Deepak, thanks for sharing this valuable insight. I would appreciate, if you can share If there has there been any scientific research to prove the benefits of doodling.


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