Make your home Earth­čîÄfriendly with Google Assistant

Everything About Planet Earth reveals all of Earth's majesty and secrets in simple language.

The Wile E Coyote effect

The key challenge then, is to be adept at recognizing those early signals and to be prepared to re-orient towards experimentation rather than doing day to day stuff.

80% of time spent in just five apps

In the world of intelligent apps, data will be king, new interfaces will transform applications into cross-platform macro-services.

What is willpower and how to improve it?

Willpower, is the ability to align yourself with the brain system that is thinking about big values rather than short-term needs or desires.

Productivity learnings over the years

Focus is one of most important factor, that helps bring productivity in life.

Doodling, can free up memory, improve content retention

Doodling is the act of creating drawings in an unconscious or unfocused manner. While it may be considered rude to doodle during classes at school, or in a meeting at work, doodling can actually be incredibly beneficial.

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