Google Assistant can now tell you a story on your Android and iOS phone

No matter where or how you or your kids choose to read or listen to a book, the Google Assistant can help out at storytime.

Over 100 million smartphones to launch with a Google Assistant button

As it turns out, sometime you don't want to blurt out "Hey Google" in a crowd, when a simple button press will do. A dedicated Google Assistant button gives users immediate access to the most widely-used digital assistant on smartphones.

Google rounds out Google Assistant with compact panel

Now, all Assistant controls are located in the bottom row and immediately accessible.

For the next five billion: Android One

For the next five billion: Android One. A phone that empowers people, instead of holding them back.

A Phone That Can Adapt

Deconstructing the complexity of a smartphone and refashioning it as a bunch of swappable components which can be slotted together in various custom combinations by the user is clearly not going to be a cakewalk.Will be interesting to see, how will current companies think and react to potentially large platform shifts as opportunities or threats... Continue Reading →

A phone that can adapt as much as we can

Project Ara: building the modular smartphone.

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