A Phone That Can Adapt

Deconstructing the complexity of a smartphone and refashioning it as a bunch of swappable components which can be slotted together in various custom combinations by the user is clearly not going to be a cakewalk.Will be interesting to see, how will current companies think and react to potentially large platform shifts as opportunities or threats... Continue Reading →

Dash is turning Dumb Cars into Smart, Futuristic Machines

Dash may lead to a sea change in the way that we think about our cars and how we driveYour car is a hot bed of data that goes unused. Dash makes use of this by keeping track of how much you drive, where you can get gas, and you can even instruct Dash to... Continue Reading →

Next big thing for Smartphone’s: Seeing And Understanding

A Smartphone would be able to see and understand its environment with the help of Perceptual Computing And Vision Processing.Project Tango, an attempt to give mobile devices human-like understanding of space and motion by +Google ATAP(Advanced Technology And Projects).Computer vision is a rich field of academic, commercial and industrial research, the implications of which extend tendrils... Continue Reading →

What makes the Nexus 4 Special

After a long wait, I finally got a chance to put my tinkering paws on Google and LG's lovechild. The verdict? Google Nexus 4. It's simply phenomenal. The phone is just attractive. Very solid-feeling, and the Gorilla Glass front and back give it a jewel-like appearance.After trying to decide between Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the HTC... Continue Reading →

Why I bought Google Nexus Phone

For someone who has been working with smartphones for so long and loves mobile technology, what took me so long to get a Google Nexus phone is something you may be wondering. I have always been a huge fan of HTC phones & their layer of Sense on Android, I think that it adds quite... Continue Reading →

Your phone isn’t just a phone anymore

According to O2’s(UK based telecommunications company), recently released report about smartphone usage, smartphones are being used in ways that are remarkably different from the way we used phones five years ago.Smartphone users spend more time browsing the internet (25 minutes a day), social networking (17 minutes a day), playing games (14 minutes a day) and listening... Continue Reading →

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